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Terms & Conditions

Payment for online orders will be charged at the time the order is processed by Bookstore personnel. Payment may take up to 48 hours to appear on your statement as it may take 24-48 hours to fulfill an order. *Orders can take longer during “rush” periods.

Textbooks: If the condition (New/Used) requested is not available, we may substitute your selection with a different condition. This could change the final total of your order.

The NCCCA College Store provides up-to-date information as we receive it in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Textbook information is given to us by NCCC Departments and Instructors and is updated as we receive additions, cancellations, changes, etc.

Textbook requirements and prices are always subject to change. The Bookstore is not responsible for purchases made anywhere other than at our store. We will not be liable for purchases made elsewhere using information gathered from our website, even if textbook requirements change or a class is cancelled. Purchases from all other sources are at your own risk. Customers who purchase from our site and store are covered by our refund policies.

A student’s order must be placed under that student’s name and college ID. That student can only order required course materials for his/her own classes. A student may not order books on behalf of a friend or associate.

Textbooks and other items purchased in-store and on the website and not picked-up at the store after 90 days are forfeited to the store.

Watch website and email for future information.